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Le sourire retrouvé des enfants sinistrés

Le sourire retrouvé des enfants sinistrés

Children affected by the "School does not stop" program play a traditional game


Created in November 2015, ATEDI is a development and emergency aid association under Chadian law which became a national NGO in December 2016. ATEDI's sectors of activity:

- education

- health

- Environmental protection

- farming

- breeding

 - good governance

The French Lycée Montaigne supports ATEDI against the school dropout of girls from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Management Committee of Lycée Montaigne and the members of the Council of College Life with members of ATEDI

School does not stop!

Educational Continuity Program in an Emergency
Beneficiaries: victims settled in the Koundoul camp
Period: beginning of November 2022 - end of February 2023

Main objective: provide 1,000 affected children with the fundamental right of education by guaranteeing them educational continuity.
















Specific objectives:

- Contribute to ensuring educational continuity for the affected educational community, in particular the child

- Create a serene and caring environment, mobilizing the equipment and human resources necessary for this educational continuity

- Prevent negative psychosocial impacts by helping affected children to recover from this painful and unprecedented experience

- Prevent child exploitation and abuse in emergencies

Flooded school 2
disaster woman
Young victims
Flooded school 1
Flooded school 3

The rising waters in the basins of southern Chad flooded the disadvantaged neighborhoods south of N'Djamena. About 30 schools have become inaccessible. There are therefore more than 2,000 children who find themselves out of school, exposed to exploitation and abuse in an emergency situation as displaced families have settled in makeshift camps. Due to the urgency of basic needs, no education initiative had emerged for the victims settled on the Koundoul site, located 35 km from N'Djamena. It is therefore in view of this situation that ATEDI launched the Educational continuity program in an emergency situation, “School does not stop! ". Until the end of the disaster, it was the only organization to have provided an educational response to the victims settled on the Koundoul site. Thanks to the help of donors and volunteers, more than 1,400 children were educated from November to the end of February.

We sincerely thank all the people who lent us a hand for the realization of this program. 

School does not stop 1
School does not stop 2
School does not stop 3
School does not stop 4
School does not stop 5
School does not stop 6
School does not stop 8
School does not stop 9
School does not stop 7
School does not stop 10


Thanks for your feedback! You encourage us to do better.

“I know the reality on the ground and the hardship the kids and the teachers have to go through to. Everyone deserves a shot at a better future through education”

Yankal Christian

“Love is the only driving force in this bullshit world. So let's love! »

Raphael Vauthier

“The children of N'djamena need us. The situation following the floods is already difficult to live with so let's do what we can to support them. Let's make sure they still have access to education!!! »

Fatiha Ben Massaoud


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